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Good to know: dinner edition

In America, the doors to most restaurants are usually open at 5 pm for the early bird patrons. This is very much not the case in Italy! Depending on where you are, restaurants - at the earliest - open at 7:00 to 7:30 pm, and sometimes even later!

As you wait for this....

What are you supposed to do?

(Have I made you hungry yet?) Typically in Italian culture, the time between 5 pm and 8 pm is when you grab an "aperitivo", basically like a happy hour. It's very common and a great way to enjoy a drink with a fantastic view.

An aperitivo is simply the price of the wine, beer, or cocktail of your choice that is accompanied by complimentary appetizers. These are usually a combination of nuts, popcorn, meat and cheese, small pizzas, bread, olives, or any other snack for "stuzzicare l'appetito" (whetting the appetite).

And just think, if you wait to eat dinner later in the summer, you get this golden hour light as you dine...

So grab this and enjoy the longer evening around a table!

Buon appetito ragazzi!

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