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Cultivate your travel experience in one of the world's most beautiful countries

Cultivate Your Trip to Italy Now!

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About Us


I'm Laura, my love for Italy started at a young age hearing about how my great-grandparents sailed from Sicily to America. Little did they know, about 100 years later their great-granddaughter would move back to their home country! My husband and I lived and worked in Italy for about eight years - we both love all things Italian, especially the people.  I speak Italian, love a good experience, and hope to make you fall in love with the people and place I adore. 

I have experience living in Florence, Bologna, and Milan. I'd love to help you enjoy the country that I still call home in my heart through planning your trip, customizing it to be exactly what you love. Italy has so much to offer, there's an experience, restaurant, and place that's perfect for each traveler. Let me cultivate the trip of your dreams for you. 


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Cultivate, don't copy. Enjoy your time in Italy your way, just for you.

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Grazie mille! A presto!

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